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Olli Ella Playpa Colouring Paper Roll - the land before time

$19.99 $24.00

There are Dinos, volcanos and fossils that your kiddo (or you!) can colour, paint, and play on, providing countless hours of artistic fun!

Meet your new BFF - she is Playpa, and she loves helping you look after the kids.  She is awesome!!  A new take on an old creative play favourite!  You can colour it, sticker it, play on it, or decorate walls with it. Each 8-meter roll is printed with a repeating design that your kiddo can colour, sticker and play on, providing countless hours of artistic fun. 

And it can be hung on a wall and kept neat if you don't have the floor space.

Perfect for parties, rainy days, sunny days, or when you just need something to keep ‘em entertained for an hour or so. It comes in a very neat roll so you can easily throw it in a bag or suitcase and take it with you.  It doesn't weigh a lot. Get some toys out and make it a 3D experience!

Helllooo holidays!!

Playpa - 45cm wide. 8 metres long