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Life of Colour - Set of 48 Juicy Gel Pens


My kids are losing their minds over this set - "Can I have it??? please, mum!!!"

It's massive - so many colours.  It's like rainbows all over the world got together and made loads of babies! 

Draw, doodle, colour-in, letter, journal and play. Life of Colour's gel pens are smoother, longer-lasting and simply juicier!

• 7.5x More Ink: High quality, these pens have much more ink than regular gel pens. Every stationery lover’s dream, they last a lot longer and stay high in coverage.

• 48 Different Colours: In 5 colour palettes – Pastels, Neons, Metallics, Glitter and Classics.

• Sturdy & Portable: Durable, but still lightweight. The box opens and closes securely, and is the perfect size to bring along in any tote. For school, family outings, or just anywhere inspiration takes you!

• For Dark & Light Surfaces: Quick-drying colour on any paper that always stands out.

Life of Colour was set up in Sydney by a mum who wanted different types of stationery and art supplies for her kids, that were great quality, not too messy were not too expensive for kids to experiment with! She wanted to give access to colour and creativity into the lives of families and communities through portable, playful art supplies.