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Best Gifts For Kids. Do your kids love creative projects?  Here are 9 of our favourite products.

Best Gifts For Kids. Do your kids love creative projects?  Here are 9 of our favourite products.

We all love seeing our kids happy and entertained.  I think we can all agree there is nothing worse than bored kids.  And aside from the practical time based reasons to get kids playing more, there are also lots of lessons that they learn organically through different play, such as problem solving, developing their fine motor skills, communication skills and even inspiring their curiosity about the world around them.

To make shopping for kids who love to get creative easier, we have selected 9 of our favourite products.  How have we chosen them?  Well the selection criteria is 1. Kids have to be able to use the products over and over again.  You want a bit of milage! 2. They need to be able to light the spark of creativity in a child; 3. The products need to be great quality. Most of the products we have chosen are great across multiple age groups as well. 


See below each of the products featured (from left to right, click on product name to shop).


Ooby Smooth Hues Markers

Coloured markers with a smooth comfort grip and a fine tip make Smooth Hues Markers a great marker set for any budding artist. Smooth Hues are a set of 12 colored markers that are washable, so if your little one gets any marker ink on your clothes it’ll wash right out.


Klipod Woodygami Craft Set

With this kit your child folds origami paper, adds it to the wooden shapes provided in the kit and voila! - animals are created. Instructions are included but feel free to let your imagination run wild. Once the animals are made, the kids can keep playing with them – or create more!


Little People, Big Dreams Jane Austen

Jane Austen was born into a large family. She grew reading and writing stories in the English countryside. As an adult she wrote witty commentaries about the landed gentry in a way that no-one had ever done before. Your aspiring little writer will love this story about a storytelling little girl.

Mudpuppy World Puzzle and Play Set

The Mudpuppy Animals of the World Puzzle Play Set will be great for developing your child's problem-solving abilities and then provide hours of imaginative play.  With this puzzle, the fun fun doesn't stop when the puzzle is complete -  it becomes a play area for the eight animal figures that are included in the set.  So your kids will put the puzzle together and then get to pay on it as well. 


Calafant Build and Play Range – Palace

Amazing eco friendly and award winning craft ideas for kids. Let their imaginations loose on this amazing 3D colouring in model Castle. It's big, so after the finished decorating it they can use their figurines to play inside. The Calafant models make great gifts and are also great for holiday fun where there is more time to complete it.  They can be done in stages as they are easily taken apart for storage while waiting for another opportunity to complete the project. You could also do it as a group with friends.  They come in various sizes so you can choose an easier puzzle if your little one is quite young.


Wooden Story Colourful Natural Block Set For Kids

Wooden blocks give kids the freedom to create without boundaries and stimulate inventiveness and imagination. They can conjure the most amazing buildings and formations from this beautiful assortment of natural and eco wooden blocks. The texture, the forms, even the smell of the wood will an experience for their senses. 


Aloka Sleepi Lights Colour Me Range

YES - Your kids can actually colour in this lamp.  They get a lamp and an activity!! And it comes with cloth so they can rub it out and start again. The Aloka LED Sleepy Lights are beautifully designed kids night lights, made especially for children of any age. They will absolutely delight your child.  The designs, the rainbow of colours - magic! The Aloka Colour me range comes complete with 8 specialised pens that can be used to colour in the design printed onto the Acrylic section of the light and a small cleaning cloth. The Aloka Colour me range takes the Aloka Sleepy Light with all its amazing features and top safety specifications and makes it an interactive and personalisable gift idea! There are multiple designs to choose from.


Shusha Wooden Animal Puzzle

A fun toy where children can create different animals from 28 colorful shapes. Pets and wild ones! Carnivores and herbivores! Even fantasy creatures can be made! Opportunities are endless!  This game helps children learn the features of different animals and stimulate their creativity. 


Happy Hands Happy Heart Playdough

All Happy Hand Happy Heart Playdoughs are created using a combination of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices to create the gorgeous natural colours and scents.  Super safe even for the littlest of hands. And with the accessories, even you will want to have a go.  Inspire and encourage creativity with this brilliant Australian playdough and accessories range. Playdough is more than just a fun activity; it helps kids to develop necessary skills as part of their physical, intellectual, psychological and social development. And it’s relaxing, too.  (You might want to test it out when they are not home…)