Aloka Sleepy Lights

The Aloka LED SleepyLights  are beautifully designed kids night lights. They are perfect for a nursery or childs room of any age and safe for kids to touch and use. There are many different designs making them suitable for any bedroom theme; and the colour changing options mean they will suit any décor. More importantly though, your child will love and delight in their Aloka night light. 

Each Aloka SleepyLight design is a white image printed on clear acrylic. At night the white design comes alive with twelve different shades of colour from which to choose and a child friendly remote control. 

Coloured LED’s used in the Aloka SleepyLight night light are dimmable, with four levels of brightness, a sleep function that automatically lowers the lamps brightness to low levels, a timer that turns the night light off after one hour and a pure white side lamp at the brightest level which is perfect for reading time.

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