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Sweet Talk - Alex McCabe from Kip & Co chats Work and Family

Sweet Talk - Alex McCabe from Kip & Co chats Work and Family

Get to know the people behind the brands you love.   


The incredible ALEX MCCABE - CO-FOUNDER AND CREATIVE DIRECTOR of KIP & CO- shares a bit about herself and her family. FYI - Alex is on the right :)

For anyone that doesn’t know, can you tell us about your business?

We’re a homewares and apparel brand that makes bright, beautiful, happy products for every corner of the home and every member of the tribe. The business was founded Kate, Hayley and myself. 

What inspired you to start your business?

We knew we wanted to start a business together - something that would be a creative outlet while we were juggling babies / careers. When Kate found a beautiful coloured bedspread on her travels overseas we knew that was it. We were all passionate about interiors so it just felt right, and off we went!

What inspires you to create the products that you do - your source of inspiration?

We get inspiration from so many places! We love vintage pieces and are definitely inspired by vintage finds, along with art, fashion, and things our kids draw. Really inspiration can come from anywhere!

What’s your favourite memory from your childhood?

We’d go out to dinner as a family and, as the youngest, I’d fall asleep in the car on the way home and dad would carry me from the car all the way to bed. I loved that.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from your kids / family?

Particularly at this very sobering time, when we only have each other, my daughter Quincy is really reminding me of the joy in the little things and how full life is even when we have very little. 

What is your favourite activity with your kids / family?

My partner Bobby is a great cook! We all love watching (and occasionally helping) Bobby whip up a storm and then we love eating that tasty dish together. 

What is your favourite place to holiday in Australia?

We just went to WA and it really blew me away. Monkey Mia was breathtaking and swimming with the dolphins was SO special. 

Do you have a kids room style tip?

We’ve just put bunk beds in and I think that we’re onto a winner. They’re so fun and colourful but they also double as an adventure playground. I like having a few different little ‘spaces’ in the room - a little reading corner with a beanbag, an art corner with craft table, a vintage rocking horse in another. Just lots of ‘stuff’ really but all things that are there to excite the kids and stimulate their imaginations. That’s my goal.

From one parent to another - how do you keep it all (ie life) together and on track?

I don’t! Particularly at the moment, the wheels fall off on the daily. Sometimes I have a good day. Sometimes only a good hour before things awry. I’ve a few tools that help though - I’m very organised and love a list which helps me feel in control, we also work very flexibly which is amazing (but can also force you into constant multi-tasking), I try to have definite periods of ‘phone down’ family time, and, probably most importantly, I’ve got an amazing partner who works flexibly as well so that he can share the parenting and support the business. He’s great!