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Kids Room Ideas - Sea Breeze

Kids Room Ideas - Sea Breeze

Magical creature, incredible animals and amazing underwater worlds are celebrated by millions of kids around the world. The incredible world of oceans and seas and rivers around us has inspired and awed explorers, scientists, sports people and everyday people alike. Bring the magic of the sea to your little ones room.

1. Kids Room Ideas Sea Breeze - We Are Squared Sea Creatures Poster For Kids

A gorgeous poster to help kids learn about different sea animals.  Dive under the sea and be introduced to a selection of sea creatures, including whales, sharks, and rays.  Printed in Australia on 100% recycled stock.

2. Kids Room Ideas Sea Breeze - Elly Lu Organic Cotton Animal Soft Toys Tucker the Sea Turtle

Elly Lu organic soft toys have been created to inspire your little ones. Meet Tucker, the cutest, most cuddly sea turtle you ever did meet! This stuffed sea turtle is made of organically grown cotton fabric. He is filled with natural corn fiber.  

3. Kids Room Ideas Sea Breeze - Djeco 54 Piece Aquatic Observation Puzzle and Poster 

A beautiful, underwater-themed 54 piece puzzle with creatures of the deep. All around one big picture is lots of things to find. Start by putting the puzzle together, then have fun finding the items from the border on the puzzle. Features beautiful vibrant colours and fantastic illustrations of the amazing animals found under the sea.

4. Kids Room Ideas Sea Breeze - Snuggle Hunny Baby Swaddle Wrap and Beanie Set Whale

The Whale Baby Jersey Swaddle Wrap and Beanie set is a gorgeous ocean design, featuring whales, sea fauna, and other sea life. It is beautiful.  These sets are soft and stretchy making them easy to get bubs comfortable in! The cotton knit jersey wrap and matching knotted beanie is boxed, making it the perfect gift for a new baby or a baby shower gift.

5. Kids Room Ideas Sea Breeze - Rookie Humans Pillowcase Pack - Underwater Love

Fun in the water with a crew of sea-fairing friends. The pillowcase 2 pack includes 2 different prints: a colourful under-the-sea print, and a friendly seal with awake and asleep sides. Both pillowcases have envelope closure to keep pillow inside through all of the tossing, turning and pillow-fighting.

6. Kids Room Ideas Sea Breeze - Mermaids Sticker Dolly Dressing

If your little lady loves Mermaids she is going to love this - especially the sparkly stickers.  Dive into an undersea world where mermaids gather pearls, meet a mermaid queen, find a treasure chest, and dive with seals. With hundreds of stickers to dress the mermaids and add sea creatures and treasure to the scenes, including some extra special sparkly stickers.  

7. Kids Room Ideas Sea Breeze - Ever Earth Stacking Light House

Beautiful stacking toy from Ever Earth.  Makes a great 1st birthday gift. Children learn to recognize colours and shapes and develop basic problem-solving abilities with this stacking puzzle. It is ergonomically designed for little hands to hold and has no sharp edges or delicate parts. Made from 100% FSC certified wood and non toxic water based dyes. 

8. Kids Room Ideas Sea Breeze - Studio Roof Wall Art Sea Horses Puzzle

Hidden beneath the water surface lies a wondrous world full of fascinating creatures. Bring nature into your home with these beautiful creations. Studio Roof make 3D objects to build. Your kids can make the amazing Studio Roof Sea Horse set with you or alone depending on their age. Printed on recycled cardboard using vegetable ink, these colourful creatures with their bright graphic patterns allow you to add a little beauty to both your home and the world - AND keep your kids busy!!  

9. Kids Room Ideas Sea Breeze - Snap Card Game Under The Sea


A family favourite reenvisioned with the magic of the underwater natural world. Under The Sea Snap Game is a game for two or more people. There are 52 snap cards - 13 matching sets of 4. The 52 snap cards are labelled pictures of dolphins, turtles, clownfish, submarines and lots more. 

10. Kids Room Ideas Sea Breeze - Nana Huchy Dolls Mick The Pirate

Aye me hearty!!!

Let me tell you a yarn about Pirate Mick.  What a fate awaited Mick the Pirate! Thrown overboard from his ship, the S. S. Stutterer, then rescued by his darling, Roxy the Mermaid. Now Mick lives out his years shipless, listening to music and singing sea shanties to children that love the letter ‘arrr’.  


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