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Room Transition - Tips For Moving Kids Into a New Room

Room Transition - Tips For Moving Kids Into a New Room

As with most “events” some kids will move into a new phase with arms wide open, while others will need to be moved gently towards a big change. People in general don’t like change, but as adults we have learned to cope with it , and we are generally in control of major moves.  

As kids will pick up on your anxiety, you need to throw any worry out the window and make it all about fun and excitement. For me, moving my baby out of the cot was saying goodbye to my baby being a baby.  Nothing to do with a cot, all emotions about something completely different than the act of moving rooms!!

From a furniture perspective, moving from cot to bed, get a good bed and a great mattress. Mattress is where the money should be spent – you don’t like to sleep on a crappy mattress, don’t put your kids on one. Don’t do the night stand at the beginning, as they could hit themselves if they fall out of bed.  Get it later, once they get the hang of sleeping in a bed. If you bought a good set of drawers for their nursery, no reason to get new ones.  The other elements that you want to add to the room would be a rug and some wall art.  Zhuzh up the space a bit.  You will obviously be buying new bed linen.  If your little one already has a toddler pillow don’t change it just yet, and keep any familiar blankets with them in the new bed. 

You might want to get them a little new friend to celebrate their move into their new bed.  For something small, check out These Little Treasures Wish Pixies.  They are cute and can be held in their hand while hey nod off to sleep.  Otherwise, a Nana Huchy rag doll is soft and lovely to sleep with.


  1. Make it fun and exciting
  2. Make the change gradual, don’t just get the urge and do it over one weekend. Talk about it, plan it together.
  3. Involve them from the very beginning - choose new things for the room together once you have planned it out. Make them excited to be making the transition.
  4. Don’t move if baby is going through a hard time with sleep, is going through a developmental phase, or is unwell
  5. Keep some of their beloved "friends and possessions" into their new room
  6. Stay with your normal bed time routine
  7. Safety – consider a wandering child at night – block or gate the stairs; remove things in their path to your room; power points need to be  covered; furniture attached to walls that can be pulled down; secure cords and hanging things out of reach; put small items, liquids etc out of reach
  8. When baby comes out of cot into their first big bed, use a rail at the edge of the bed at first, to stop them falling out of bed.
  9. While it’s fun to completely change the look of a room, for a little one moving into his or her first big bed, make sure that you keep some familiar items


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