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Kids Room Ideas - Australiana

Kids Room Ideas - Australiana

I love all things Australian.  There are always lots of things in the store that are inspired by or are in honour of this beautiful country of ours. The colours, the animals, the flora and fauna, the deserts, the sea - it is all so beautiful and unique. Find your little piece if Australiana in the store.

Kids Books

We have some great books in store about our beautiful land - there are the Megan Mclean books Hello Australia, Hello Melbourne, Hello Sydney. Also featured here is A is for Australian Animals with everything you want to know about Aussie animals.

Kids Tableware

Emondo Kids Plates and Bowls are made from Bamboo and feature Karri the Koala and Waldo the Wombat, plus more..

Halcyon Nights Baby Clothes

This is one of my favourite brands in the store.  I just love Halcyon Nights and their beautiful designs! Check out their range of Australian inspired prints in various baby rompers, bodysuits and sheets. 

Nana Huchy Toys

Nana Huchy now have a range of toys featuring Australian animals - they come as soft toys as well as rattles.  All super cute and cuddly!! Featured are Keith the Koala and Puggle the Echidna.

Kids Koala Lunchbox

The Boo & Crew Bamboo Bento Lunchbox is as sweet as it is practical. Made from a bamboo and bioplastic derived from corn starch and a silicone seal to make it leak proof it has 4 different sized compartments which are very generous in size. And the design is pure joy!

Snuggle Hunny Kids Organic Swaddle

The wife and husband Snuggle Hunny duo have been creating stylish, unique and bespoke baby swaddles and linen using quality materials since 2015. Their Australiana Swaddle and Cot Sheet is stunning.  Check out their range.  


Koala Nightlight

The Teeny and Tiny Kids Night Lights are so cute. The little koala featured here is just one in their range.  They are sweet and very practical and will become a comfort and much loved companion to your little one.

Knobbly Wall Hooks

I love Knobbly Wall Hooks. They are handmade in Australia by a great lady.  They are sturdy, practical and look great. Whats not to love, right??? Check out their gorgeous Aussie animals collection.

Tinta Crayons

Tinta Crayons are made just for kids. Tinta Crayons are made with 100% natural and organic waxes. No paraffin. No palm. No soy. The pigments used in Tinta Crayons are free from heavy metals, asbestos and other toxic substances. They are safe and sustainable and most importantly they are loads of fun.  Check our their Bush and Beach design.