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Kids Easter Gift Ideas - Skip, Hop, Jump

Kids Easter Gift Ideas - Skip, Hop, Jump

This Easter give your kids presents that will definitely last longer than the choc eggs.

1. Kids Easter Gift Ideas - Nana Huchy Ballerina Bunny in Pink or White

This sweet little ballerina bunny was often teased as a child due to her unique fashion sense (the tutu is purely aesthetic). Growing up in a tiny Tasmanian town, she often felt called to big city lights and dreamt of Paris fashion houses, New York streets and Copenhagen department stores. But alas, the wind was knocked out of her sails by unkind peers and Ballerina Bunny resigned herself instead to a quiet, rural life.

2. Kids Easter Gift Ideas - Nana Huchy Honey Bunny Soft Toy

This sweet little bunny is thriving - the jumpy, sparkly little bunny that he is. Sure to become and sweet, hunny, bunny friend for your little one! Beautiful and soft, ready for cuddles. He is super soft and just beautiful.  

3. Kids Easter Gift Ideas - Knobbly Bunny Wood Wall Hook in Silver Glitter

Lovely little bunny will make every little heart flutter. Add this touch of sweetness to your nursery or kids room, with this super, handmade, Bunny wall hook.

Handcrafted in Brisbane, Australia, this super fun and functional Bunny wall hook is made from Australian birch plywood and hand-painted. As such, no two wall hook will be identical.

4. Kids Easter Gift Ideas - Olli Ella Casa Clutch in Rose or Straw

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  The carry anywhere home for all your little favourites!!  

The Casa Clutch is the perfect little toy house / basket. Made from 100% natural Rattan and available in two shades, the Casa Bag makes the perfect mobile home for small toys and figurines - and other precious cargo (such as choc eggs...)

5. Kids Easter Gift Ideas - Olli Ella Casa Bag Straw in Rose or Straw

The Casa Bag is the perfect little toy house / basket with a strap.  Smaller than the Clutch its a great option for little ones one the move. Made from 100% natural Rattan and available in two shades, the Casa Bag makes the perfect mobile home for small toys and figurines - and other precious cargo. 

6. Kids Easter Gift Ideas - Zestt Organics Organic Cotton Kids Bunny Travel Blanket in Berry

Functional, super cute, kids love the Zestt Kids Travel Blankets. Whether it’s a quick road trip or a flight, the kids travel blankets become a cuddly companion that is easy to transport and the perfect size for snuggling on the go. Their handle and luggage strap make them a breeze to carry while the adorable hood adds a bit of whimsy to help your child’s imagination soar!

7. Kids Easter Gift Ideas - blabla Knitted Cotton Honey the Bunny Soft Toy

A blabla friend is a friend for life. Your child will love this collection of dolls. Honey is a little bouncy bunny with a very white sweet tooth.  She loves chocolate and peas but flowers makes her sneeze. She collects five leaf clovers but so far she's found just four. Handmade in Peru.

8. Kids Easter Gift Ideas - Appi Studio Bunny Baby Blanket - Grey Large

This warm, hand knitted and super cute blanket is perfect for your baby. Great for colder days. The Bunny Blanket is great for the car seat, pram, bassinet or cot. 

9. Kids Easter Gift Ideas - We Might Be Tiny Bunny Stickie Plate

The We Might Be Tiny Stickie™ Plate puts your little muncher in charge at mealtime. Bunny will bring a smile to even the fussiest of eaters! Each toxic-free Stickie Plate lets you neatly portion your foodie creations in three sections. The Stickie Plate can be easily secured to almost any solid surface with its inbuilt suction base that can withstand even the most determined toddler. Enjoy newfound confidence to safely turn your back without finding the plate and its contents flying across your kitchen like a frisbee. 

10. Kids Easter Gift Ideas - Olli Ella Piki Basket in Rose, Natural or Mint

This is an Easter must!  It's great for the egg collection and then can be used for all their favourite collections like crayons, shells and shopkins. The Piki Baskets will be a firm favourite of any child - big or small. Fairtrade and Handmade with love.