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Kids Bedroom Ideas - Big Girl Room

Kids Bedroom Ideas - Big Girl Room

My little one recently moved into her big girl room.  It was quite the occasion. Honestly speaking we probably did it a bit late, as I did with my first but I can't help it - when they come out of the cot they are officially out of baby land. So in honor of our big girl move, here is some big girl bedroom inspiration for when it comes time to move your little one into their next-stage bedroom.

Big Girl Bedroom Ideas

1. Big Girl Bedroom Ideas - Kids Wall Art

Wall art in a kids room is an expression of personality and a source of creative exploration. Kids wall art can take them away to magical places, play to their senses, and be a source of fun.  Go colourful, educational, funny, or inspirational. Featured here is the Sprout & Sparrow Yummy Pear. I love the colours. The confetti spotted yummy pear print can be matched with the Crunch Apple print! 

2. Big Girl Bedroom Ideas - Camomile London Bed Linen

Camomile London was born out of a combined vision, experience, passion, and creative intuition. Taking inspiration from all over the world, Camomile London believes in simple, functional, and beautiful spaces.  The classic and beautiful Pink Tuck collection comes in three different colours, pillowcases, and quilt covers, all in the gorgeous Camomile London fabrics that we have all come to love!!

3. Big Girl Bedroom Ideas - Kip & Co Quilted Bedspread

I am not ashamed to admit I have a huge crush on the Kip and Co Quilted Bedspreads.  Love them. Have way too many! This whimsical little ladybug design will bring the little girl back into the big girl room you are creating.  And a colourway that will never be boring. Heart - melt - now. 100% Cotton voile with 100% cotton fill.

4. Big Girl Bedroom Ideas - Knobbly Flamingo Wood Wall Hook

A girl needs a place to hang all of her doodads. You know, the important stuff. Each Knobbly wall hook is handmade and hand-painted in Brisbane, Australia from Australian birch plywood. 

5. Big Girl Bedroom Ideas - Blabla Heart Cushion

Just arrived, I am crushing on these blabla heart cushions.  This beautiful heart cushion will fill her room with as much love as there is sunshine! Soft pastel colors, inviting textures, handmade from super soft cotton in Peru. 

6. Big Girl Bedroom Ideas - Muskhane Plain Calabash Felt Storage Basket

Beautiful and functional, the Calabash will become your storage bestie pretty quickly. Comes in 3 colours - white, dusty pink, or grey.  Handmade in Nepal.  Great size, not too big not too small. Easy for the kids to find their little treasures in. You will love its softly rounded form and its infinite possibilities for organisation.

7. Big Girl Bedroom Ideas - Billys Kids Beds

In honor of one of the greatest pets there ever was, Billy’s Beds, a wonderful Australian company has been created. For every bed head sold, Billys Beds make a donation to The Lost Dogs’ Home. And yes, all of the beds are named after the pets of our closest friends and relatives. The Bridgit Bed Head featured is made in Australia from Warwick fabrics Plush range. It is made to order. the beds come in a lot of different colours and you can opt for buying a bedhead only.

8. Big Girl Bedroom Ideas - Kip & Co Pea Cushion

One of Kip & Co signature pieces, the velvet pea cushion is a great way to jazz up and refresh a room every season! Their stunning signature velvet is thick and luscious. 

9. Big Girl Bedroom Ideas - Micky & Stevie Treehouse Lamps

The Treehouse design lamps from Micky and Stevie represent all the fun there is to childhood. I just love this design. Three colourways make them perfect for any kids room. 

10. Big Girl Bedroom Ideas - Olli Ella Casa Clutch

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  The carry anywhere home for all your little favourites!!  The Casa Clutch is the perfect little toy house / basket. Made from 100% natural Rattan and available in two shades, the Casa Bag makes the perfect mobile home for small toys and figurines - and other precious cargo.  Easy for kids to carry - a generous size with a sturdy wicker handle and opening at the roof and door.

11. Big Girl Bedroom Ideas - Naco Handmade Rugs in Diamond Off White

Each Naco rug is one of a kind. Uniqueness is the Naco trademark. Meticulously hand made this woven cotton rug collection is a classic beauty for your kids bedroom or playroom. What makes this collection special is not only that it is hand-made, but also the material from which it is made.  This woven cotton rug collection is made of up-cycled cotton jersey fabric that has been carefully selected from the by-products of the fashion industry, reducing landfill and re-purposing into a long-wearing, high-quality product. 

12. Big Girl Bedroom Ideas - Little People Big Dream Books

Discover the lives of outstanding people from designers and artists to scientists in this amazing book series, Little People, Big Dreams. All of them went on to achieve incredible things, yet all of them began life as a little child with a dream.  Very inspiring for little minds to learn about the amazing people who contributed so much to the good in our world.  I have been reading and rereading these with my eldest as it gives her some history and context about real-time events.

13. Big Girl Bedroom Ideas - What Do You Do With An Idea? book by Kobi Yamada

Obsessed with this new range of books from Kobi Yamada. They are so beautifully written and illustrated. And so inspiring! This particular book explores ideas.  What do ideas become? Big things, brave things, smart things, silly things...Everything you see around you was once an idea. So what will become of your idea?  The other books in this range are Maybe and What To Do With a Problem.

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