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Best Gifts For Kids Who Love Dolls

best doll gifts for girls


This is the ultimate best gift guide for kids who love dolls!  More than just toys, our soft dolls and toys can become partners in crime, companions, and a shoulder to cry on. Perfect for open-ended play, pretend play, and so important in early childhood development. Soft and cuddly cute plush toys, beautiful keepsake dolls and dolls accessories for little ones of all ages. 

Olli Ella Strolley Doll Pram

Meet Strolley, a revolutionary design in imaginative play. This hand-woven rattan basket on wheels switches from a pram to a shopping trolley, by just lowering the hood of the pram. Perfect for dolls, pretend play, fruits and veggies or for your little one to push around their favourite toys. 

Olli Ella Dozy Dinkum Doll - Moppet

A little Dozy Dinkum is sleeping here, waiting for you to snuggle and cuddle and snooze with you!  Say hello to Moppet! Your baby’s first baby and lifelong friend with the perfect amount of squish for cuddles and play. Also available in other colours are Pip and Pickle. 

Moppet is made from the softest cotton, features the sweetest embroidered face with a tuft of hair, and wears a non-removable onesie with a rainbow over the heart. 

Moppet is a perfect gift for newborn babies or would make a beautiful addition to your Dinkum Doll family for older kids too.  Let's be honest, cuddles are extra special at the moment!

Make Me Iconic - Wooden Baby Doll Accessories Set

This little set will have you playing with dolls again.  Enhance your little one's doll baby play time with this beautiful Make Me Iconic wooden iconic doll accessories kit. It has everything a (pretend) bub could need and for your little one to immerse themself in family pretend play. They can feed, entertain and soothe baby, brush their hair and get them ready for the adventures they’ve planned for the day.

Olli Ella Holdie Folk Fairy - Willow Worry Fairy

Meet Willow the Worry Fairy.  Willow is the perfect fairy to chat to when times are a bit confusing and you need a good ear! Willow the Worry Fairy is always on hand to listen to your thoughts and troubles. With a magical wand to zap away fears, all worries will fade once Willow is near.   Willow has magic sparkly wings that are attached to a soft cotton jersey outfit and he carries a golden star wand to keep worries at bay. Willow the Worry Fairy is a special edition, rare, and collectable Holdie Folk. He comes beautifully packaged in a collectable box and is a beautiful gift for someone who needs an extra special friend.

Nana Huchy Soft Toy - Freddy The Teddy

Your little one will be giving lots of hugs to this super soft and sweet teddy for many years to come! A wonderful story teller, Freddy loves to share tales of his past in the North Pole. That's right, this extra special traditional teddy bear was made by Christmas Elves! But last Christmas Eve, Freddy slipped out of the sack on Father Christmas' sleigh, and fell straight down the Nana Huchy chimney!   Luckily he has new friends at your house to keep him company.

Kikadu - Palm Leaves Doll Basket

This is such a sweet toy for your little one.  She will love taking her baby dolls and animal friends with her in this sweet basket.  It is made for little hands, lightweight, and a great size for Miniland and Dinkum dolls.  

Bloomingville Mini - Boy and Dog Doll Set

Your little one will love this. They will become firm friends, getting up to lots of mischiefs, I hope! Makes a great present. Includes Hilbert and Dog soft doll set. Comes boxed. 

Skrallan - Doll Stroller

Your little mama will love this sweet stroller for her very precious baby dolls and animal friends.  It is made for little hands, lightweight, and a great size for Miniland and Dinkum dolls and any other dolls up to 45cm.  My favorite bit is that it folds so you can tuck it out of the way when it's not being used!

Nana Huchy Soft Toys - Kimmy Koala

Kimmy has big dreams for a small koala, wanting to perform for a small child. To sway as gracefully as a gumtree, presented with a Banksia bouquet post-performance. Happily sharing the spotlight with fellow dancer, Yolanda the Unicorn, she waits for the day when she will be discovered by the child who will make her dance dreams come true.  She is a perfect size for little hands. 

Nana Huchy Dolls - Miss Olive

A beautiful keepsake doll, Miss Olive left the dark side of the moon due to both the cold space temperatures (not even a fur collar kept away the galactic chills), and in search of her estranged sister Miss Goldie. Little did she know that Goldie had exactly the same plan! Though well at home on our beautiful planet, there's definitely still something other-worldly about this little Miss.

Olli Ella - Dinkum Doll PJs

Super cute for your little ones favourite Dinkum Doll, the softest PJ for a snuggly bedtime. Designed with little fingers in mind, the Dinkum Doll Pyjamas fastens with velcro at the front. Pair it with the Make Me Iconic Baby Doll Accessory Kit and Dinkum Doll so that your little one can put her baby to bed too!

Nana Huchy Dolls - Miss Jasmine

Nana Huchy linen dolls and soft toys are inspired by a bygone era. Miss Jasmine is one of the most beautiful and most loved dolls in our range. With whimsy and elegance, this beautiful range will delight your little ones for many years. Designed in Australia, with a large range featuring beautiful fairies, princesses, animals and more, Nana Huchy soft dolls and soft toys are unique, keepsake toys that are as fun to play with as they are beautiful to display.  You'll discover beautiful materials, the colour palette of a child's imagination and superior quality.

Olli Ella - Dinkum Doll Ballet Set

Super cute for your little ones favourite Dinkum Doll. An adorable ballet outfit to wear to dance class or just to lunch with the girls! Your little ones will love playing dress-up with their Dinkum or other dolls. The Dinkum Ballet set comes with a pink leotard and a matching tutu skirt. Designed for little hands, the set is easy to put on and take off their Dinkum Doll. Mix and match with your favourite Dinkum outfits. 

Bloomingville Mini - Doll Moses Basket

Your little mama will love this moses basket for her little baby.  This basket is stunning. Large enough to fit multiple doll babies and so beautiful to look at. Woven from grass, with iron rods at the bottom so it doesn't lose its shape.   

Miniland Dolls

Miniland is the amazing brand of anatomically correct dolls and toys that parents and kids cannot get enough of! The 38cm Miniland Doll is an anatomically correct doll, vanilla scented to smell like a newly born baby. The dolls have well-defined ethnic features to aid the identification of the most representative races and are an important educational resource that helps small children comprehend the concepts of family, population groups, respect for racial and sexual diversity.

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls are so beautiful, cuddly and so giving!! Each doll comes with its own removable unisex outfit, socks, nappy, and shoes. Tiny will be a great addition to your home that your little one is sure to love. Full of love and wonder, children can snuggle them, dress them, and style their hair! Dinkum Dolls are posable, with arms, legs and a head that moves - they can also sit and even stand when wearing their shoes! 

Olli Ella - Casa Clutch

The carry anywhere home for all your little favourites!!   The Casa Clutch is the perfect little toy house / basket. Made from 100% natural Rattan and available in two shades, the Casa Bag makes the perfect mobile home for small toys and figurines - and other precious cargo.  Easy for kids to carry - a generous size with a sturdy wicker handle and opening at the roof and door. 

Nana Huchy Dolls - Mini Grace Ballerina

Mini Grace is perfect for little hands to hold. Your little ballerina will love this beautiful doll. Nana Huchy linen dolls and soft toys are inspired by a bygone era. With whimsy and elegance, this beautiful range will delight your little ones for many years. Nana Huchy soft dolls and soft toys are unique, keepsake toys that are as fun to play with as they are beautiful to display.  

Miniland Doll Baby Carrier

Your little mama will love this pretend baby carrier. She can care for and carry her little baby around everywhere. Beautiful and soft cotton.