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On The Road Again – Travelling With Kids

On The Road Again – Travelling With Kids

Get some ideas for keeping the kids entertained during the School Holidays.

It’s nearly here.  This is the time to stock up on fun stuff for the school holidays or just your next family trip.  Whether it's activities to take on a plane or in a car; or activities to keep them entertained at home, we have curated a selection of products to fit your 'kidtertainment' needs.

While you travel

Travel with kids can be terrifying.  From my experience there is more stress before the travel than actual drama while you travel, but that’s probably because you prepare for the worst!  The power of positive thinking can take you far but keeping the kids comfortable and entertained are more practical ways to alleviate anxiety and make the journey there and back as fun as the actual holiday.

1. Olli Ella Play'n Pack Backpack

A bag of adventure and creative fun for your kids.  This will keep your little ones entertained for ages. The Ollie Ella Play'n Pack kit (1) contains, Mini Playpa Colouring Roll, crayons, stickers, wooden toy and colouring cards, plus a drawstring backpack to carry everything in.

2. Nana Huchy Hank or Hazel Hippo Kids Travel Pillow

Sensitive and silly, soft and snuggly the Nana Huchy Hank or Hazel Hippo Travel Pillow (2) make the perfect travel companions - road, sea, plane or train - these little travel pillows will keep your little one snuggled and comfy. The ideal travel mate for for your little one for every journey.

3. Olli Ella The See-Ya Kids Suitcase

Have case, will travel.  The Olli Ella The See-Ya suitcase (3) can be wheeled to and from airport gates, stations or around the garden by small folk (2-6 years old).  And the best part is that all their stuff can fit into and you don't have to carry it!!  (Plus if holiday shopping goes a bit out of control you have an extra little case!!!!)

4. Colouring rolls and crayons from Mudpuppy

Need a 'throw in the bag' quick fix - check out these Colouring rolls and crayons from Mudpuppy (11). They are really small and keep them entertained for ages. 

5. Nana Huchy Toys

You don't want to be carrying a lot of toys with you, so how about taking one or two little ones to keep the kids happy. Check out these pint sized little buddies from Nana Huchy, including Master Fox and Miss Fox (4) as well as the little Ballerina Bunny's.


When you get there

A few little home comforts go a long way. Before settling in for your first night away, you might want to consider these little ‘treats’ to settle them in.   

6. Sack Me Sleeping Bags

For your toddler, if they are still in a cot, make their sleep a bit more comfy with a Sack Me Sleeping Bag (6).   And great for the older kids who are doing sleepovers.

7. Little Dream Night Lights

Also for you little ones, consider taking a Little Dream Night Light (7) with you so that you can ease them into their rest without those glarry hotel lights. So small and light, you won't even know they are in your case.


    Easy ways to entertainment wherever you are

    Whether you are staying at home, heading off for a few days or getting ready to go far, far away, these school holiday activities will keep you little ones entertained.

    8. Books

    Books (5) are always good - if they can read themselves they can spend some quiet time alone, or with you at the end of a fun day reading to them. Either way, these inspirational books are amazing.

    9. Milaniwood Wooden Toys and Games

    Milaniwood (9) have a selection of creative toys and games that will keep the kids entertained for hours. Go for the smaller options, like the Milaniwood Crazy Palace Wooden Game, Milaniwood Cantonese Rice Wooden Game or the Milaniwood Coloured Block Sets.  

    10. Puzzes

    Puzzles (10) - we have lots of options for kids of all ages.  Simple, light, creative and fun problem solving.  This is a an easy choice. 

    11. SHUSHA Wooden Toys

    SHUSHA wooden toys and games (12) come packages in a little bag so really easy to take away with you.  They are innovative with a multitude of possible outcomes building a child’s imagination and creativity. A few different options for you to choose from. 


      Creative pursuits

      Creative kids are my passion – I love seeing my little ones creating things. Having dreams and thinking beyond the normal is the lesson that I try and teach my kids all the time. Anything to keep their minds active and thinking beyond the square of every day life.

      Grab a few of these on your travels or for home to keep them drawing, writing and colouring. 

      12. Olli Ella Playpa

      Olli Ella Playpa paper (13) is a new take on an old creative play favourite and this is one of our bestsellers.  Kids can colour it, sticker it, play on it, decorate walls with it. Each 8 meter roll is printed with a repeating design that your kids can colour, sticker and play on, providing countless hours of artistic fun.

      13. Calafant Carboard Craft Toys

      Calafant is a range of eco cardboard building and colouring in toys (15) that are both fun and inexpensive. First they assemble, then they decorate and then they play. Flat packed for easy storage and transportation.

      14. Sprout & Sparrow Happy Mail Postcards

      Sprout & Sparrow Happy Mail (8) is a pack of 20 colour-in postcards that the kids can write and colour in and send to family and friends.


      15. Tinta Natural Crayons

      Tinta Crayons (14) are made just for kids. Tinta Crayons are made with 100% natural and organic waxes; made to withstand hot little hands and impart beautiful colour. The are compact and come in a pack of 6 crayons in 6 colours. Various character designs are available. Toddler petals are great for smaller hands.

      16. Notepads, pencils and textas

      Notepads, pencils and textas (16) - For any child (like my eldest) who likes to create their own drawings and stories, grab a notepad, a pack of textas and pencils and you are set.