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Yogi Fun - Yogi Yoga Cards For Joyful Learning


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Yoga has become a really important tool for adults and kids for cognitive and physical development.  This great range of yoga practice for kids from Yogi Fun is a great way to start yoga at home with your little ones without too much fuss.

This is a pack of 40 cards with beautifully illustrated yoga poses on one card and a complementing rhyming instruction on the other card. 

This game is for inside or out and for kids and adults to encourage self-confidence, focus, and flexibility!

The pack also includes a leaflet with four-game suggestions which are great for birthday parties or group activity from a specific party game suggestion to a yoga program, memory matching, and more.

FSC certified and/or recycled materials used in the making of this item.

Age: 3+

YOGi FUN games are a fantastic tool for developing emotional, social, cognitive, and physical skills and can be enjoyed indoors or outdoor - for great quality time!