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Van Wright Foundation ‘Have A Magical Day’ Greeting Card



The amazing team at Sprout & Sparrow have created these gorgeous cards for us to help raise money for the Van Wright Foundation. 

When you purchase a Van Wright Foundation gift card and a product we will gift wrap the product for free for you.  Just add your message for the card in comments at checkout.  

Profit from every card purchased are donated to the Van Wright Foundation.  The cards are blank inside – make great birthday cards for kids or other special occasions when you want them to know you are thinking of them.

The Van Wright Foundation is a not-for-profit charity established by the parents of Van Wright, who at 15 months of age was diagnosed with MECP2 duplication syndrome - a severe neurological and life threatening disease. A cure is possible but more funding is needed for the groundbreaking research to move to clinical trials. Every card sold helps us get closer to a cure which will save the lives of Van and other children.

100% of profits go to the Van Wright Foundation. 

  • Grey envelope included
  • Blank inside
  • Printed on 300gsm carbon neutral paper
  • 114mm x 162mm

More about the Van Wright Foundation
I want to tell you about an incredible family I know – the Wright family.  I met Collene through work about 11 years ago – an amazing person whose tenacity, loyalty and generosity is second to none.
In November 2011 their world was turned upside down. Their beautiful 15month-old baby boy, Van, was diagnosed with  MECP2 duplication syndrome.  "What’s that?” I hear you ask. That’s what I asked.  And in fact there was so little information about this disorder at the time that even the medical team who gave the diagnosis had not heard of it.   
  • MECP2 duplication syndrome was discovered in 2005. 
  • It's a progressive neurological disorder affecting males.
  • Common features include infantile hypotonia (low muscle tone), developmental delay, intellectual impairment, recurrent respiratory infections, epilepsy, feeding difficulties and more. And the list goes on...  
  • 50% of cases do not live beyond 25 years of age. 
  • Preliminary studies suggest that prevalence may be 1.8 per 10,000 live male births.
Rather than waiting for a miracle, Phil and Collene decide to try and make one happen themselves.  They set up the Van Wright Foundation to help raise awareness of MECP2;  brings families together that are affected by MECP2 and bring the worlds cases of MECP2 to researchers, as well as fund research.  

The first round of research yielded amazing results – researchers were able to reverse the syndrome in mice. Yes, REVERSE.  Of course, that was just the beginning, and the fund raising continues to get to clinical trials. This research may have far reaching implications including Down Syndrome and Rett Syndrome cases.

100% of profits from the purchase of the cards will fund research into a cure for MECP2 duplication syndrome, funding the ASO project to take The Van Wright Foundation to clinical trial.

Please buy these gorgeous cards or simply donate.  Every dollar goes towards trying to saving Van and other children like Van.