Tetra Organic Baby Head Cradle

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When it comes to your baby's health the most natural options often feel right. As Tetra Tea Tree Pillows are filled with only pure, genuinely natural Australian Tea Tree Flakes parents don't need to worry at all about what exactly is inside the product their children may be cuddling up to or sleeping upon. Naturally breathable and with a host of inherent genuine Tea Tree benefits including being anti-bacterial, Tetra Baby and Toddler Pillows are the best healthy option in baby bedding.

The Tetra Organic Head Cradle was developed in Australia with a leading pediatrician.

Flat Spot

The Tetra Head Cradle was developed to assist with treating a condition where a babies develops a flat spot on the back of their head we created . The flatspot develops because of the soft nature of an early infants head that is still forming. The tissue is not yet firm enough to withstand constant pressure. The medical description isplagiocepheny and it is more common because parents are instructed to sleep baby on their back to reduce the risk of SIDS. In doing so the back of the infants head can be misshaped by the constant pressure by laying on their back.

The head cradle is helpful for parents if they notice their babies head is developing a flat spot in the first 8 weeks. It is designed to help alleviate pressure from a constant source on one part of a babies head. Rather than having to have babies head in just one position where pressure may build up and cause the flat spot, a parent may use the Tetra Head Cradle to move the babies head and rest it in another position. This alleviates the pressure and allows the skin and tissue to fall into its natural state. 


Please note that the Tetra Head Cradle is often considered as a baby pillow however it produced for use only while a baby is under supervision of an adult. 


Tetra believe parents and their precious children deserve only the best when it comes to bedding. As Australia’s first natural baby bedding range Tetra has already helped millions of parents to provide their baby's with a safe, healthy and comfortable sleeping environment.

What is so unique about Tetra mattresses and pillows is that they are filled exclusively and only with purely natural, organic, Tea Tree Flakes. These are lighter-than-feather naturally breathable, naturally anti-bacterial and naturally non-allergenic pieces of incredibly fine Tea Tree paper-bark.

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