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Studio Pep- Candy Pink Mini Latex Balloons 36 Pack

$13.00 $19.00

A warm twist on the classic pink party theme. Make little clusters and use them as centerpieces and fill in empty spaces. Blow up a bunch and toss on floors. Create balloon garlands. 

COLOURS: Pink, blush and coral. 

Theme Ideas: unicorn party, fairy party, bubblegum party, girl baby shower, princess party, candy party 


Air-fill only.
13cm (5")
Made in US.

I came across this range of artisan party decor a few years ago and have been itching to get it in to the store. It's run by a mum with two kids.  They love the artistry of creating party decor. The colours are amazing as are their combinations. They only use premium, eco-friendly, US-made tissue paper. Each sheet is counted, folded and pressed to create our signature tissue paper circles. Each package is is mixed by hand and packaged with love into tubes, packs or balloons. All of their balloons are sourced from North America and are made from high quality latex.