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Storyball is an award winning, screen-free smart device that uses games, stories and challenges to get children playing, learning and moving.  As soon as I saw this I knew that this was the kind of new game that my kids - and others would love.  My 7 yo was straight onto it. 

In a nutshell - it's an interactive ball that has interchangeable skins.  You download an app on your phone and the kids can play different games and challenges using the app and the ball.  Once a child takes a Storyball in their hand, they enter a world of active, imaginative play where they can complete cool challenges, take fun quizzes, and go on adventures featuring their favourite characters.

Through motion recognition and smart audio, Storyball is an audio gaming console enables fully immersive gameplay without the need for a screen. Storyball is an audio console and a robust Bluetooth speaker.

Included in the the Pack:  1 x Storyball, 2 x Skins (Sesame Splendid and Agent Ayo)

Please note we will have more skins coming which you will be able to buy separately.

No more heads buried in screens! Have your child take a break from tablets, phones, and TVs, and get them active in a world of play, learning, imagination, and fun. With Storyball as their companion, the adventures are endless!

Storyball creates the illusion of being 'inside a video game' - but now, instead of tapping or pressing buttons - players must perform the actions themselves; to swim in the game - swim in reality! Play at home or outdoors.

Wrapping Storyball in different elastic “skins” changes its persona and opens a world of new games. Storyball takes on the voice & mind of the character wrapped, and will guide them through unique adventures!

Through Storyball’s, easy-to-use companion mobile app, children can download new content, share their achievements and challenge their friends. Parents can also use the app to monitor their child’s progress.  The app is being updated regularly with new features and games.

Storyball is a tech-for-good startup that’s on a mission to create a better and healthier way for children to play today.  The team is made up of parents, engineers and content creators. Their vision is to build a world in where children can play like children, and technology supplements a child’s life rather than drives it. They have spend 3+ years developing, testing, planning and prototyping.  This is the first batch off the production line. 


The platform and services are fully compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) (USA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU+UK). They use end-to-end encryption to ensure that all data communications are safe and secure. A child’s data privacy is essential and this is why stored data is anonymous, as is a user’s geo-location and files.


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