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Sassi - The Magic Unicorn Giant 30 Piece Puzzle and Book Set


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The glitz on the box, not to mention the beautiful unicorn will send your little magic button into a tizz!! And then there's the puzzle!

This is a great puzzle for your little one. It comes in a carry case and includes the puzzle and a book. Piece together the large 30 piece puzzle and read the fun 10-page rhyming storybook.
The large-format puzzle is perfect for helping small children develop motor skills.
Fantastic present.

This set includes a 30 giant-piece puzzle and a complimentary book about a magical Unicorn with a rainbow-colored mane, a golden horn, and star-sparkled wings: discover the charm of the unicorns and enter a world full of magic! ‘Around its neck, the unicorn wears a potion in a bottle of dreams and fanciful notions. Add but a bit of sugar and a little imagination to the dish and charms turn to magic for your wish’.

Read the fun story and build the giant puzzle! 

Puzzle size: 62 x 45 cm

FSC Certified.   Age: 3+