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Ooly Kids Stationery - Set of 6 Chunkie Paint Sticks


Chunkies Paint Sticks are great for little kids to have fun painting colourful pictures without the mess. Chunkies are super easy to use, clean and portable because they’re like painting with a crayon. Just uncap, twist and start painting. The set of coloured paint sticks come in a thick barreled casing so they’re easy for little hands to hold. The paint colours are quick-drying but it’s easy to mix colours to make even more colours. It’s magic!

  • Painting with a Stick
  • No Brush or Water Needed
  • Quick Drying
  • Doesn’t Smudge
  • Thick Barrels are Great for Little Hands
  • Comes in 6 Paint Colours

Creative Kids Stationery - Perfect for little hands and creative minds.