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Olli Ella Holdie Folk Fairy - Willow Worry Fairy


These new little fairy friends will make everyone's dreams come true!

Meet Willow the Worry Fairy.  Willow is the perfect fairy to chat to when times are a bit confusing and you need a good ear! Willow the Worry Fairy is always on hand to listen to your thoughts and troubles. With a magical wand to zap away fears, all worries will fade once Willow is near.  

Willow has magic sparkly wings that are attached to a soft cotton jersey outfit and he carries a golden star wand to keep worries at bay.

Handmade, fully posable, and measuring 11cm tall, Willow is the perfect size to fit in the palm of a small hand or keep close-by in a pocket.  He doesn't need to be stuck at home, he's ready to go whenever you are!

Willow the Worry Fairy is a special edition, rare, and collectable Holdie Folk. He comes beautifully packaged in a collectable box and is a beautiful gift for someone who needs an extra special friend.

Give your Holdie Folk a place to sleep one of the Olli Ella baskets - there are Piki baskets, Casa bags or the Shell bags. They make a dreamy, snug little home for Holdie Folk to sleep in or a sweet home-on-the-go when your little one is out and about. 

Olli Ella Holdie Folk

  • Holdie Folk are made from cotton, wool and a polyester filling
  • An internal frame allows for each Holdie Folk to be fully posable
  • Willow the Worry Fairy has sparkly wings attached to a two-colour printed jumper in a cotton knit jersey.
  • Willow carries a removable star wand with a sparkly elastic wrist attachment, made from PU material.
  • All clothing is removable and made from cotton and polyester.
  • All Holdie Folk are handmade, so some variations may occur.
  • Come packaged in collectable box
  • Age recommendation: 3+
  • Dimensions: L11 x W3 x H10 cm
The Little Kidz Closet is an official stockist of Olli Ella Australia.