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Olli Ella Holdie Dog-Go Racer Boy – Green


We have run out of stock for this item.

Go Racer Boy!  Go! New fun for the kiddos with the Green Holdie Dog-Go Racer!  

Sporting a speedy helmet and goggles, Racer Boy puts the “paws” in horsepower. Pair with Holdie Dog-Go Racer Girl and prepare for a race like no other. When the day is done, Dog-Go Racer Boy loves to park in his garage box, ready to play again tomorrow.

  • Made from a wool blend with embroidered features, nestled in a classic car with wooden wheels.
  • Designed for little hands age 3+ to play
  • Doubles as a beautiful nursery decoration
  • Packaged in a collectable (and recyclable) gift-ready garage box
  • Garage-themed box is designed to unfold and use as a pretend play prop
  • Encourage imaginative play
  • Mix and match! Cars also fit Holdie Folk drivers
  • Handmade in India

What’s Included

  • Holdie Dog-Go Racer Boy & removable helmet
  • Holdie Dog-Go Racer car
  • Sturdy cardboard garage with magnetic closing door

Dimensions & Packaging

  • Holdie Dog-Go Racer Boy: H 9cm (with helmet) x W 6cm x L 6cm
  • Car: L 14cm x H 8cm x W 9cm
  • Box: L 18.5cm x H 17cm x W 11.5cm

Puppy Pampering & Car Care

  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Dry clean, do not wash.

Questions Unleashed

  1. Can Dog-Go Racer Boy be removed from the car? Yes, Racer Boy can be removed from the car. Our Holdie Folk can fit in the car and drive too!
  2. Are there different dog characters to choose from, or is only one design available? There are four designs to choose from: Racer Girl, Racer Boy, Officer, and Chief
  3. How do the wheels on the car perform on different surfaces, like hardwood floors, carpets, or tiles? The smoother the surface, the faster the Dog-Gos can drive!
  4. Are there additional accessories or outfits available for the Holdie Dolls and the dog? No, the Holdie Dog-Gos each come with their own themed, removable helmet
  5. How do Holdie Dog-Gos promote imaginative play and creativity for children? Toy cars and dolls promote imaginative play and creativity in children by enabling role-playing, storytelling, and problem-solving, all while leaving room for open-ended imaginative adventures that help children develop a wide range of skills in an engaging and fun manner.