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Nana Huchy Dolls - Toby Turtle Rattle Pink


If you ever wondered what coral sounds like, give Toby Turtle a shake. Toby has a knitted top and a soft furry white belly. He is soft and beautiful. His belly is full after spending all day munching on the Great Barrier Reef, trying to avoid those pesky plastic bags that look waaay too much like jellyfish. But at night, he likes to settle into the Great Barrier Crib where he can be gently rattled to sleep by a small human hand. Bliss.

Nana Huchy linen dolls and soft toys are inspired by a bygone era. With whimsy and elegance, this beautiful range will delight your little ones for many years. Designed in Australia, with a large range featuring beautiful fairies, princesses, animals, and more, Nana Huchy soft dolls and soft toys are unique, keepsake toys that are as fun to play with as they are beautiful to display.  You'll discover beautiful materials, the colour palette of a child's imagination, and superior quality.  Every piece is meticulously crafted.

Dimension: approx 15cm