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Nana Huchy Aussie Animals Baby Rattle - Mini Spike the Echidna


This range of little Aussie rattlers will have you going gaga!  Super soft and cuddly. So cute you'll be giggling and rattling with this little toy echidna for hours!!  This tiny little Echidna buddy will delight and soothe your little one and be a mate for years. 

Christened as Simon, Spike originally took offense when his 'funny friend' Ken the Kookaburra gave him his prickly nickname. This was, of course, until the day he realised the irony. You see as far as ‘spikes’ go Spike doesn’t make a very good echidna... His hair is the smoothest & softest in all of Australia.

The Nana Huchy Aussie Animals range is a celebration of the Aussie Animals we love so much. These wonderful Nana dolls are unique and whimsical keepsake toys that are as fun to play with and will be loved for years to come. 

Other Australian animal friends include  - Pete the Platypus and Kylie the Kangaroo.

Dimension: 12cm