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Micki - Kids Tool Belt and Tool Set


We have run out of stock for this item.

Time to get the kids on the tools.  This is a professional tool belt with kids size REAL tools for all little carpenters! Real hammer, sandpaper, screws, and screwdriver.  

The belt is made of denim and has lots of pockets for all your nails, screws, and tools.

The size of the belt can be adjusted easily so that it hangs securely around the hips. The carpenter’s belt contains a hammer, screwdriver, set square, pen, sandpaper, and a packet of screws and nails - everything your little carpenter might need! Now everyone can help with carpentry work!

These tools are small and ideal for little hands. You will be able to teach kids how to use the tools properly.  But make sure you put them away, you don't want any unnecessary remodeling work done to the house!

This is not a toy but a real tool belt with smaller tools.

FSC Certified.

Age: 6+