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Life of Colour - Woodless Classic Colour Pencils - Set of 12


The kiddos will love using these pencils.  Such beautiful, rich colours with a lovely feel to them. The Life of Colour 12-pack of woodless colour pencils has vibrant pigments for stunning artwork. Their smooth and soft texture allows for effortless colouring, blending and layering.

Crafted without wood, these pencils are highly durable and long-lasting. The entire pencil except for a thin outer layer of varnish, consists of pencil lead so both fine and very broad strokes can be achieved using the pencil on its side or tip.

Classic colour palette includes Brilliant yellow, Orange, Crimson, Leaf Green, Brilliant Green, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine, Grey, Light brown and Deep Black

Life of Colour was set up in Sydney by a mum who wanted different types of stationery and art supplies for her kids, that were great quality, not too messy were not too expensive for kids to experiment with! She wanted to give access to colour and creativity into the lives of families and communities through portable, playful art supplies.