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Lauren Hinkley Kids Jewellery - Mermaid Song Charm Bracelet


A beautiful mermaid charm bracelet, for the sparkly little girl that makes your heart sing!

The bracelet comes in a box perfect for a gift.

Throughout the water and the waves, a ripple of sound reverberates across the entire ocean: the Mermaid’s Song is calling. Her beautiful voice carries through the currents and welcomes everyone to the splendor of the sea, the place where the mermaids live. Here you will find treasures in shades of purple and pink, with sparkling gems and gleaming shells whose colours change in the light. The Mermaid’s Song Charm Bracelet is inspired by a love of mermaids, their beauty, their singing, and their zeal for life.

Lauren and her team in Melbourne design all Lauren Hinkley pieces. Their pieces are fun and try to inspire kids adventures and imaginations.