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kiko+ gg - Pink Vintage Toy Wooden Phone


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Ring ring...Ring ring.  How may I help?

Your little ones will love playing on this sweet vintage telephone. Featuring a vintage rotary design, with written digits and the realistic spinning wheel encourages the development of number recognition. 

This phone looks good enough to keep out, and not hidden away with the other toys.

Phone play is what children have always enjoyed throughout the years and this nostalgic retro phone is also a cute decorative item.

Insert the included coin and turn the dial to talk and when it is over and the handset is reset, your change is magically returned.

You could call a friend or do you want to call a store or restaurant? 

The world of our children's imagination will be extra fun with this telephone toy.

Size: 20 x 17 x 14 cm

Made from beech wood, the phone comes with 5 coins and a coin purse with a clasp.

Recommended for Ages: 3+

About Kiko+ & gg

This beautiful range of high-quality modern-minimalist wooden toys and gifts is designed in Osaka, Japan. Every set has a little something extra to make it so special and that’s the secret to this wonderful range.

All of the products have soft muted colours that show the natural grain of the sustainably-sourced wood. 

kiko+ & gg* create tactile wooden toys that help children use their imagination and enjoy the magic of play.

That sparkle in a child’s eye when they show their family and friends the toys they are playing with, to share the joy and cherish these playful times.