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Djeco Kids Stationery - Dinosaur Origami Kit


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Kids love origami. It is fun and soothing at the same time. It is a great craft that the whole family can do together. No mess, no fuss, maximum enjoyment.  And if your child loves dinosaurs, they will love this. The Dinosaur origami kit from Djeco makes it so easy to create your own dino park at home! Make dinosaurs come to life with pre-designed paper sheets. Paper pieces are cut to size and instructions included, this is a great Sunday arvo activity for you to do with your younger kids, or for you older kids to do by themselves. 

Great Djeco art and craft kit includes:

-assorted illustrated paper sheets

-easy-to-understand booklet

Suitable for ages: 6+ years

The product is constructed from Cardboard / Paper 

Creative Kids Stationery Set - Perfect for little hands and creative minds.