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Children's Book - Trying


How will you know what’s possible if you don’t try?

This is a story for anyone who has ever felt like a beginner, or had doubts or worried they weren’t good enough. It’s a story for those who have experienced the pain of trying something new and not having it turn out as they had hoped. This beautiful tale is about how failure has so much to offer—lessons that help us learn, grow, and discover all the amazing things we can do.

The books from Kobi Yamada explore themes with you and your kids that are so important and are written so well. It's no surprise that the author is a New York Times Best Seller.  The illustrations are beautiful.  This is a real spiritual and emotional journey for your little one, and maybe even you. A creative way to help children explore the power of a growth mindset. It really makes you stop and think.  Inspirational!