Van Wright Foundation

I want to tell you about an incredible family I know – the Wright's. Their world was turned upside down when their 15month-old baby boy, Van, was diagnosed with  MECP2 duplication syndrome.  

MECP2 is a progressive neurological disorder. Common features include low muscle tone, developmental delay, intellectual impairment, recurrent respiratory infections, epilepsy, feeding difficulties and more.  Most boys diagnosed don't make it beyond childhood. 

Rather than waiting for a miracle, Phil and Collene set up the Van Wright Foundation which helps raise awareness and fund research.  The first round of research yielded incredible results – researchers were able to reverse the syndrome in mice. Yes, REVERSE.  This research may have far reaching implications including Down Syndrome.  

Now we need clinical trials. 

And that's why the amazing team at Sprout & Sparrow have created these gorgeous cards for us. 100% of proceeds go to the Van Wright Foundation. 

When you purchase a Van Wright Foundation gift card and a product we will gift wrap the product for free for you.  Just add your message for the card in comments at checkout. 

Please note that this does not include large or furniture pieces as you can imagine.

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