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Olli Ella Cozy Dinkum Dolls

Cozy Dinkum dolls are posable, made from the plushest outer and features the sweetest embroidered face with a little tuft of hair. This new collection of Cozy Dinkums soft dolls are gorgeous and snuggly and sweet!!!  Each Cozy Dinkum wears a non-removable suit with two soft furry ears and a rainbow right over their heart. Made for snuggles and snoozy days, the velvety little Cozy Dinkums will be a friend for life.  The crew includes Bunny Moppet, Mousy Pickle, Teddy and Lamby Pip.




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Olli Ella - Cozy Dinkum Koala Moppet
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Olli Ella Cozy Dinkums - Bunny Twiggy
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