Nook Sleep LilyPad Playmat - Lawn Green

$190.00 $89.00

Playgyms and Playmats are important for your baby and for you.  They provide some independent time for baby. they concentrate on toys, moving their limbs and following sounds. And for mama - they can be the difference between a quiet cup of coffee or not. A great playmat will insulate, protect and hopefully have a use beyond the baby tummy time.

Ideal for tummy time and play time, the Nook LilyPad Playmat provides breathable, cushioned comfort for babies, toddlers and their parents. It is soft and padded, and incredibly comfortable. 

Use indoors as a play mat or folded up and take it with you to the beach or the park for a comfortable, convenient, and healthy seat anywhere you are.

Cover Materials: Organic Cotton, Eucalyptus, Polyester thread

Core Materials: Recycled PETE

Product Dimensions: 101 cm in diameter


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