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Nobodinoz - Tango Small Storage Basket - Bloom Pink

$22.99 $35.00

Having a quick way to pack up toys makes such a huge difference for me.  These Bloom Pink baskets are great for everything  - toiletries, stationery, arts/crafts supplies, hair supplies, Leggo, Shopkins, LOLs, and every other tiny toy that finds its way into your home. My girls love to make a lot of mess – there are literally toys all over the floor, desk, table - it's everywhere.  Being able to pick them up and throw them into a toy bag or small basket means that it’s easy for me and also easy for them to do as well.  

The great thing about the Nobodinoz bags is that they will outlast the toys – not too kiddy, so you will be able to use them for other things. 

  • Different sizes, easy to combine and full of color.
  • Multi purpose basket.
  • Double sided - tun inside out for color-switching combinations.
  • Available in two sizes: Small = 15cm diameter X 19cm height  | Medium = 19cm diameter X 24cm height
  • OEKO-TEX® certified Havana fabric, made of 100% cotton
  • Designed and made in Barcelona with care by Nobodinoz.