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Make Me Iconic - Toy Doctors Kit


Made from wood for endless imaginative play.  Set up a hospital or vet scene at home and let your child's imagination go!  

This 11 piece role play kit helps children become familiar with medical care.  It promotes imaginative play and encourages nurturing behaviours and empathy.


Your little one will have all they need to set up their medical practice at home!


Ages 3 years +

Kit includes: 1 x Stethoscope, 1 x Blood Pressure Meter, 1 x Pair of Scissors, 1 x Syringe, 1 x Thermometer, 1 x Ointment Tube, 1 x Ointment Bottle, 2 x felt Band Aids 

20cm (L) x 10cm (W) Box

Designed to comply with Australian toy standards with non-toxic paint