Calafant Level 3 Build and Colour - Pirate Ship


Amazing eco friendly and award winning craft ideas for kids.

Ahoy, me Hearties!  Don't walk the plank this weekend - keep the the kids entertained with this amazing Pirate Ship 3D colouring in model. Sail the seven seas, meeting the mermaids at Mermaid Cove, and attack the Rock Castle for the treasure - and still be home in time for dinner!

You are never too old for Calafant but older children like to create something grand. Big projects are fun projects and these larger, Level 3 models cardboard models, are great craft ideas for kids. Level 3 models appeals to the budding engineer and architect and anyone else who has a good imagination.

These models are bigger again and this time they are left blank, no contour lines. It is all up to you and your fantasy so put your thinking cap and smock on and get started. Paint, glitter, stickers, fabric, buttons etc.

First, the model will need to be constructed as it comes flat packed. It will require concentration and attention to detail but the interlocking tabs make it easy to progress. No glue or drying necessary.

Unlike level 1 and 2 models, the Level 3 have no decorating outline’s and the design is completely up to the child. Help them find inspiration from their favorite books, shows and movies and use a variety of decorating materials from paint and water colour to stickers and sparkles.

The Calafant models make great gifts and are also great for holiday fun where there is more time to complete it.  They can be done in stages as they are easily taken apart for storage while waiting for another opportunity to complete the project. You could also do it as a group with friends.

Either way it is a great way for kids to make craft and keep the kids busy.

There are 7 different designs to choose from.

Age 8+ years

INCLUDES: one flat packed model in your chosen design in gift box

Castle Built size 38L x 38W x32H cm

Palace Built size 45L x 34W x 46H cm

Pirate Ship Built size 47L x 19W x 46H cm,

Pony Farm Built size 68L x 36W x 34H cm

Robot Built size 39L x 22W x 59H cm

Tree House Built approx. size 38L x 42W x 57H cm

Add the 300 piece decorating set to your order to help the kids along.

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