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Naco Handmade Diamond Cotton Kids Rug – Grey


New to Australia, direct from Holland.

Each Naco rug is one of a kind. Uniqueness is the Naco trademark. Meticulously hand made this woven cotton rug collection is a classic beauty for your kids bedroom or play room. The carpet is gracefully woven by hand and suits many interior styles. It is a timeless yet contemporary style; ethically made, using sustainable materials and production methods.

What makes this collection special is not only that it is hand-made, but also the material from which it is made.  This woven cotton rug collection is made of up-cycled cotton jersey fabric that has been carefully selected from the by-products of the fashion industry.  By up-cycling fashion industry cut off materials that would otherwise be discarded the quality of the fabric is excellent, the colours are rich and current, reducing landfill and re-purposing into a long-wearing, high quality product.

Every Naco Rug is one of a kind - the cotton jersey fabrics are not dyed and every detail on the rug and the rug itself is woven by human hand – old school fine craftsmanship!   Each woven rug is manually made on traditional wooden frames.


Large size: approximately 100 x 150cm

XL size: approximately 150 x 200cm.

Please be aware that minor variation in size may occur. 

Safety:  The woven rugs are not fitted with anti-slip coating, so it is recommended to get an anti-slip mat if using on slippery floors. You can find anti-slip coating at the local DIY store.

Care instructions: This is a handmade product. Wash with care! Machine washing is not recommended.  Do not use bleach or harsh cleaners, do not tumble dry.  If you do wash the rugs in cold or tepid 30 Celsius water, reshape the rug after wash and dry flat.