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Tinta Crayons for Kids - Toddler Transport Crayons

$18.00 $24.00

Toot toot!! These chunky Tinta transport crayons are perfect for toddlers! Each piece is approximately 5.5cm wide and 5.5cm high, which makes them easy for little fingers to grip. Each vehicle also stands independently and be played and drawn with.

Tinta Crayons are made just for kids. Tinta Crayons are made with 100% natural and organic waxes. No paraffin. No palm. No soy. The pigments used in Tinta Crayons are free from heavy metals, asbestos and other toxic substances.  The crayons tested to ensure that they contain no nasties.

Tinta Crayons for kids are safe for them to use, safe and sustainable for our environment and most importantly they are loads of fun. This range of gorgeous kids crayons will bring out the natural creative spark in your kids.   They are made to withstand hot little hands and impart beautiful colour.  Tinta Crayons encourage imaginative play, drawing and colouring.

Each set has six crayons in five different colours.

Each set includes: 

  • a yellow jumbo
  • orange digger
  • red fire engine
  • purple police car
  • blue recycling truck
  • green steam engine

Every crayon is handmade from scratch in Melbourne.

Creative Kids Stationery - Perfect for little hands and creative minds.