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Two Little Ducklings - Kids Wellbeing and Affirmation Cards


We have run out of stock for this item.

Recommended for kids 5+, these cards will help kids build a strong and resilient midset.  It's a fun exercise for you to do with your little one at home.

The 32 positive affirmation card pack will encourage, support, and inspire your little ones. Cards feature:

  • 12 question cards to encourage kids to think differently about their day
  • 12 activity cards to help kids practice mindfulness and improve the way they are feeling
  • 8 feeling and emotion cards to help kids understand and describe their feelings 

Each card is laminated and features rounded corners for durability.

Created by an Australian mum, Australian made and printed on environmentally friendly paper.

Card Size: 10x15cm

Use these educational flash cards to increase interaction with children, aid communication skills, and help foster a positive mindset.