Kids Bedroom Ideas - Adventure Beckons

Kids Bedroom Ideas - Adventure Beckons

Who says you need to leave your room to have an adventure!!  Set up an adventurers paradise for your little one and let their incredible imaginations take them on the wildest journey to far away lands.  Feed their hunger for learning about far away places, people and animals.

Their journey starts with a map of the world and the people, places and animals they will see. They will fly on a plane; great adventures they will have with their trusty explorers pack on their back. With cameras and binoculars they will see many animals that will capture their hearts.  Snuggle up with zebras and elephants in Africa, Polar Bears in the Arctic Circle. Through wild rainforests they will travel meeting many colourful animals.

On Safari they will sleep under the moon and stars, after playing with Lions in the dusk. They will take many photos of the animals they have met, beautifully displayed near their bed -  Cheetahs, Rhinos, Giraffes and Crocs.  And the best part is that they will still get to bed by 8 o’clock!


Numero 74 Animal Cushion – Elephant & Zebra

Marta Abad Blay Kids Art Prints - We Are One World Map

Moon & Star Wall Decoration

100 Piece Glow Puzzle - Rainforest Animals

Up! Warsaw Biplane Shelf - Mint

Kip & Co Coloured Alcapulco Tassel Throw

Muskhane handmade kids felted wool rug - Bear Jade

Fiona Walker Felt Heads - Zebra

Olli Ella Play'n Pack – Jungle

Behind the trees wooden toy camera

Dress Up Lion Mane

Love Mae Fabric Wall Stickers - On Safari

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